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Welcome to Codrophenia, where British tradition meets the iconic mod scene!

Situated at the very heart of Dalton Park, one of the North East's premier shopping destinations, Codrophenia proudly stands as a testament to the quintessential British experience.

We're not just any fish and chip shop; we're an embodiment of nostalgia and tradition, seamlessly woven together.


Inspired by Scooters, Music Festivals and the classic mod era, our founders, Chris, Dot, and Steve, conceived Codrophenia. The name, a playful nod to the iconic "Quadrophenia," aptly captures our brand essence: an exquisite blend of classic British fish and chips with the spirited mod culture.




Our journey began with festivals and a mobile unit, but our heart now firmly beats in Dalton Park. With an unparalleled focus on quality and presentation, we've chosen to channel all our energy and passion into our Dalton Park outlet, ensuring an unmatched experience for every visitor.


Our values are:

Unwavering Commitment to Quality:


Every dish that leaves our kitchen speaks volumes of our dedication. Trained to the stringent National Fish Frying Association standards, our team crafts culinary delights that are a cut above the rest.

Presentation & Cleanliness:


At Codrophenia, every detail matters. Our pristine shop stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to perfection.


We purchase our potatoes and vegetables from local suppliers and our fish is sustainably caught. Sustainable fishing is of the utmost importance to the team here at Codrophenia as we strive to be an eco-friendly business.


The Mod Spirit:


Immerse yourself in the '60s ambiance as you dine. Our décor, inspired by the mod scene, ensures that every visit is a journey back in time, complemented by the timeless taste of our fish and chips. Join us at Codrophenia, nestled in the heart of Dalton Park, and let us take you on a British culinary journey like no other.


Here, every bite is a symphony of tradition and culture, a celebration of Britain's rich heritage.

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