Codrophenia provides quality traditional fish and chips prepared and delivered to the National Fish Frying Federation standards. The restaurant is set out with the ’60s themed décor and music to suit.

Owners Chris, Dot and Steve launched Codrophenia in November 2017 following a weekend Scooter and Music Festival.  During the festival, they had been discussing how well Fish and Chips would go down at the venue. As they discussed possible names, it occurred to Chris that Codrophenia would be an amazing name.  They undertook some research and the feedback was phenomenal. So they took steps forward and purchase a mobile fish and chips unit.

During the following 3 years, the team built the business to being fully booked for the 2020 festivals season with venues such as Stone Valley music festival, Wanasee music festival in Penrith and Huddersfield and KUBIX Music Festival in Herrington Park to name a few.


Our Own Location

Codrophenia had provided their services to busy outlet centres and provided quality service with a clean and sleek brand. The team provided music through speaker systems on the side of the van and quickly became a reputable mobile fish and chip shop to many large outlets across the country.

Dalton Park was impressed with the brand and quality, so asked Codrophenia to move into the Dalton Park shopping centre to bring their reputation for outstanding food and a quirky brand in line with Dalton Park’s already outstanding facility.


Our values are:


We promise to deliver outstanding quality for each and every service order. If we don’t hit those standards, we guarantee your money back or a second chance. Our friers and service staff have been trained to National Fish Frying Association standards and we know the procedure of producing quality fish and chips every time. Our food is cooked to order because we understand the life cycle of quality and a fish ought not to be under the heaters for longer than 3 minutes. Hence, we cook to order.

Value for money

We have undertaken research to ensure that the quantity and cost of each meal served is great value for money and on par with standard industry charges.


At Codrophenia we believe that eating out experience should be more than just great food. Therefore, we ensured that the décor and ambience of the restaurant were designed with the 60s theme in mind.  We have a full music licence and play similar theme music throughout our opening times.


We purchase our potatoes and vegetables from local suppliers and our fish is sustainably caught. Sustainable fishing is of the utmost importance to the team here at Codrophenia as we strive to be an eco-friendly business.

You will love the atmosphere of Codrophenia and we guarantee an experience of the 60s style interior and music whilst enjoying a traditionally cooked British food icon in Fish and Chips. Our prices are set to compete with other Fish and Chip shops in the North East so that our products are affordable too.