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Codrophenia: A Stone's Throw from Seaham

For the discerning fish and chip enthusiast in Seaham, the quest for that perfect, golden, crispy batter, accompanied by the finest, fluffiest chips, ends just a short drive away in Murton. Situated at the heart of the esteemed Dalton Park, Codrophenia is more than just a fish and chip shop – it's an experience that captures the essence of Britain.

British Heartbeat, Mod Beat

From the bustling streets of Seaham to the classic mod culture of the '60s, Codrophenia serves as a bridge between tradition and nostalgia. Conceived from a passion for British culture, its founders, Chris, Dot, and Steve, chose a name echoing the iconic "Quadrophenia", melding the charm of traditional fish and chips with the dynamic mod era.

While the mod scene and fish and chips might seem worlds apart, at Codrophenia, they come together seamlessly. It’s an atmosphere that resonates with the echoes of the '60s, creating an ambience that's as delightful and rich as the dishes they serve




Click, Collect, and Savor
Understanding the rhythm of modern life, Codrophenia has effortlessly integrated technology into its traditional setting. Seaham residents can now enjoy the convenience of ordering their favourite dishes online with a simple click. The website's efficient 'Click and Collect' feature ensures that your meal is piping hot and ready to be picked up, minimizing waiting times and maximizing flavour.


Unparalleled Excellence in Every Bite
What sets Codrophenia apart is not just its food, but its unwavering commitment to quality and presentation. Every dish, meticulously crafted to the National Fish Frying Association standards, is a testament to the dedication of its team. From the crispiest cod to the fluffiest chips, expect nothing but the best.

Moreover, cleanliness and attention to detail reign supreme. The shop’s immaculate presentation showcases a devotion not only to culinary expertise but to offering patrons an environment where they can savour their meals in absolute comfort.

A Culinary Experience Close to Seaham
Seaham residents no longer need to traverse great distances for an unmatched fish and chip experience. Codrophenia’s prime location in Dalton Park makes it easily accessible, offering the chance to indulge in a culinary experience reminiscent of old England while enjoying a day out shopping.

Why Codrophenia?
The proximity to Seaham is just one of the many reasons to visit Codrophenia. Its blend of Britain’s rich culinary tradition with the vibrant mod scene offers a unique dining experience. Every visit promises not just a meal, but a journey – a journey back to a time when life was simpler, music was revolutionary, and fish and chips were the heart of British cuisine.

So, for those in Seaham with a penchant for the finest fish and chips and a love for the '60s mod scene, Codrophenia beckons. Dive into the past, savour the present, and relish in the unmatched taste of tradition at Codrophenia.

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